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Button Sequence Button Sequence

Rated 3 / 5 stars


It took a while before I realised what you actually hat to do, and even then I still hit the wrong button, it does my head in. I hate having to think >:0

Walker Puzzle Walker Puzzle

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Well, to be frank.

It was incredibly boring.

Who Stole My Medicine!? Who Stole My Medicine!?

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Graphics - 8
Quite cutegraphics, remind me of those little characters in snowglobes :3

Style - 9
Very fun game to play, cool idea and the game was well played out.

Sound - 4
Cool at first, then... Wow, annoying, not only that, it kept on cracking out, stopping, doing loads of wanky things.

Violence - 1

Interactivity - 6
Not anything special, a click here a click there, worth a meh.

Humor - 7
Just fun to play.

Overall - 7
Addicting, fun, what more could you possibly want? Well, a bit harder would be nice, easy was childsplay, never went below 14 seconds. The only notcable diference of the hard difficulty was that you only had 10 seconds, moderately same outcome, never went below 8 seconds. The sound needs some work on, only fixes however, the sound is okay, it's just the fact that it keeps cracking out and stoping and doing all kinds of shit that it obviously shouldn't do. But overall it was a nicely addicting game and is definately worth recomendation, just a little harder and a few more levels and it will be epic. Good work :D

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Preloader Loaded! Preloader Loaded!

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Made me go meh.

Truth be told, it was nothing special, not really interesting enough to hold my attention.

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blaalb responds:

you should see the game then :D .. it will be mind-blowing [i hope] >.< ..


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Yeah, I felt pretty good, with my score of 19444 points. I was hoping to reach 20,000 but I was getting tired :P Great game, one of the best defence games I've ever played. Somewhere to submit your score would be cool :)

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Greyhound Racer Rampage Greyhound Racer Rampage

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nicely addicting.

Graphics - 6
Fairly average graphics, but nice smooth animation.

Style - 8
A relatively original type of racing game, not completely awe-inspiring original but the idea of the whole dog racing thing isn't something I've actually come across before.

Sound - 5
Nice for a while. But then it just gets annoying. Thanks for the mute button.

Violence - 3
He can die.

Interactivity - 9
Plenty to do, it takes quite a while before you run out of things you can do. Everything there seems to work fine aswell.

Humor - 6
You can name your dog penis.

Overall - 8
A nice game, addicting as it can get and I played it for about an hour before I became a champion :P I like the idea of dog racing, thinking outside the box of overrated horse racing :P Gave me something to do for an hour. Good work.

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Benspyda responds:

Thanks for your positive review

Breaky Breaky Breaky Breaky

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Graphics - 5
Pretty average, simple colours, simple flash.

Style - 6
Nice classic block breaker came, but no originality. Stayed inside the box for this one.

Sound - 0
Sound is a good thing, I'd much rather play a game with good music than a game for deaf people.

Violence - 0
Violence in a block breaker game. Never heard of it.

Interactivity - 5
Nothing special.

Humor - 0
Don't really need humor.

Overall - 5
Basically a mediocre performance, try to think outside of the box for further flash and you will do great : )

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ATI: Spot The Difference ATI: Spot The Difference

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nigh perfect.

Very nice, apart from the fact that I got 146/147... That was gay.

Graphics - 8
Very nice art, nicely drawn and the special effects used in lighting and such, perfect.

Style - 8
Not much to say really, a great spot the difference game, nicely made.

Sound - 7
Yeah, even though the music was very clear, it was annoying, and listening to the same song often, not amusing.

Violence - 0

Interactivity - 6
A nice but average spot the diference game, the art made it worth while though. Also, you should have made it possible to replay levels, rather than having to start again.

Humor - 6

Overall - 8
In conclusion, great art modded into a nicely made spot the difference game. Well done.

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Air Hockey v2 Air Hockey v2

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Graphics - 7
Simple, yet effective. Nice colour scheme which goes very well with the gameplay. Overall a great looking game.

Style - 8
A classic! Air hockey, one of the most favourite arcade games you can play. Good job.

Sound - 7
Nice, realistic sound effects and a nice beat during gameplay, more than enough to keep you interested. Great.

Violence - 6
Shit on me when I lose? Not very nice at all.

Interactivity - 6
Everything flows nicely, realistic speeds when you hit the puck and everything is just smooth. Nice. With one exception, the 'Play Again' button does not work and thus requires a touch up.

Humor - 7
A fun game to play and a fun game to lose as well. If only you could see the opponents' face when you win. Great fun.

Overall - 8
Overall it is a very nice game to play, fun and exciting, and keeps you playing for hours. Great game.

I finally beat the hard opponent. It took me about 7 tries but I made it in the end.

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Bule Bule

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Very nice, nice smooth animation, addicting, and I might say it, Relaxing. Overall a good job and I hope to see more.

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