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A worthy flash of a 10/10 rating.

This deserves to be higher than some of the pieces of shit that make it into the top 50.

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Generic type animation.

Good voice acting, but other than that the animation is extremely generic and dull. Humorous; yes, original; no.

Also, there are font families for a reason, stretching the text looks extremely cheap.

For something at the number 1 spot, it was extremely disappointing and painful to watch.

Pretty piss poor flash.

But I love your choice in music ;)

Elite-Sniper responds:

No u.

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It took a while before I realised what you actually hat to do, and even then I still hit the wrong button, it does my head in. I hate having to think >:0

Well, to be frank.

It was incredibly boring.


Graphics - 8
Quite cutegraphics, remind me of those little characters in snowglobes :3

Style - 9
Very fun game to play, cool idea and the game was well played out.

Sound - 4
Cool at first, then... Wow, annoying, not only that, it kept on cracking out, stopping, doing loads of wanky things.

Violence - 1

Interactivity - 6
Not anything special, a click here a click there, worth a meh.

Humor - 7
Just fun to play.

Overall - 7
Addicting, fun, what more could you possibly want? Well, a bit harder would be nice, easy was childsplay, never went below 14 seconds. The only notcable diference of the hard difficulty was that you only had 10 seconds, moderately same outcome, never went below 8 seconds. The sound needs some work on, only fixes however, the sound is okay, it's just the fact that it keeps cracking out and stoping and doing all kinds of shit that it obviously shouldn't do. But overall it was a nicely addicting game and is definately worth recomendation, just a little harder and a few more levels and it will be epic. Good work :D

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Brilliant. 'nuff said.

I love your longer songs, it's just the brilliance of your shorter hard hitting songs drawn out to make a good length song. These songs are hands down your best to date. I love the transitions of melodies and just the overall down right awesome beats. And did I hear a bit of piano tucked in there? Way to wrap the song up; your outro was simply beautiful, there's no other way to say it.

Overall I feel that this song is your best so far, a few more like this and there's nobody that couldn't say you're a professional.

Great job, keep it up <3

LiquidEvolution responds:

As much as I appreciate your kind words, I know I am far from professional and, I don't want to get ahead of myself.

As for the song, thank you. As opposed to my older songs. My ingenuity has become alot stronger and I've been able to push my creativity further and pull off longer songs aswell as more creative transitions and sequences although. I still lack in so many places and my tracks never measure up to my own expectations and no matter how hard I try. That sound I have in my head, never gets achieved.

Anyways, thanks :)

Inspirational! Literary.

I can't believe I honestly forgot the song that inspired me to write my song 'To Say Goodbye.' It was the way you mixed your piano and trance style togther which inspired me to write that song. It may not be as great as your incredible trance but I simply had to have a go. Cheers :D

Fuckin' aye.

You at least have to extend this a bit more, I love the tune :D

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Amazing work

Incredible attention to detail, a truly great piece of artwork. But in my opinion, the highlights in her face just seem a little too overwhelming. Other than that, this is an amazing piece of work.

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